The Other Cold Brew You Need In Your Life

cold brew coffee, how to make

You’re an on-the-go business pro who takes coffee seriously. So why aren’t you cold brewing it?

The cold brew coffee craze is really starting to cook (irony!). And for good reason: cold-brewed coffee simply tastes BETTER; it’s smoother, sweeter, with undertones of chocolate, fruit and nuts but no burnt flavor.

And since it’s less nearly 70% less acidic than hot-brewed, your stomach and teeth will send a thank-you card (does Hallmark even make those?).

Even the mighty green mermaid wants in on the action (although their new spin involves nitrogen and a tap system). Forget the nitro tap; indie coffee shops make great cold brew or it’s just as simple for you to do at home for the next day.  

What you need:

A container to steep the coffee in (French Press or Mason Jar will do also)

1 cup coursely-ground coffee beans

4 cups room-temp water

Fine mesh-strainer or cheese cloth (which you don’t need if you have a Press)

And just a little Patience, Axl (ok – 12 hours of it).


It’s worth the wait. Just make it the night before and it will be there for you in the morning, like a new, drinkable friend.

5 simple steps:

1.  Combine ingredients.

2.  Mix gently.

3.  Wait 12 hours (note: for Press, place filter on top but do not press down until after the 12 hours).

4.  Strain slowly.

5.  Add ice.

Note: this method results in strong coffee (a concentrate of sorts). So feel free to dilute it with water/milk/cream to taste.

If there’s any left over (we doubt it), it will keep in the fridge for nearly a week. We call that ‘future caffeination’.

For the visually oriented, here a quick vid from our friends at Huff Post (How to Brew Iced Coffee in a Mason Jar, Just Like Hipster):


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